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Introduction to Markdown

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June 2017

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If you are planning to work with a Static Site Generator (ssg), you'll probably need (want) to work with "Markdown". Not worries, markdown is easy. Here is a simple "Cheat Sheet" of sorts.



# H1
## H2
### H3
#### H4
##### H5
###### H6

For h1 and h2 tags you can also do:

Here goes a H1

Here goes a H2

It makes your markdown file easier to follow. The number of "=" and "-" is up to you.


A paragraph is a simple line of text. No need for anything else.

If you need a line break and for some reason the markdown you write is not enough, don't be afraid of using <br>


Italics <em>


Strong <strong>


Strikethrough <del>



Unordered lists

You can use *, + or -. Your pick!

* One item
* Two items
* Last item here

+ Once
+ Upon
+ a
+ time

- There was
- a programmer
- who was learning markdown

See the space between the symbol and the text.

Ordered lists

Simple, use numbers.

1. Learn
2. Practice
3. Practice more

You can write a link using square brackets and parentheses.

This is [an example](http://example.com/ "Title") inline link.

The code above will show the next resault:

This is an example inline link.

You could also not include the "title".

Other way of doing it involves ids.

This is [an example] [id] reference-style link..

Then, in any part of the document:

    [id]: http://example.com/

And when your link is the same of your text:



![Alt text](/path/to/my/img.jpg "Some title, if any")

![My avatar](/img/authors/aidamartinez.jpg)

Here you could use an id, just like on the links.

For those who need more


> Never lie to someone who trusts you. 
> Never trust someone that lies to you.


If you need to write some code, use the backslashes to escape it.

I'll use `.ReadingTime` to show the reading time of this article.

Need code highlighting?

var s = "JavaScript syntax highlighting";
console.log("We did it!");
### Horizontal rules `<hr>`

* * *

- - -


Or as many as you like.


| Use tables    | (appropriately) |
| ------------- |-----------------| 
| And may       | the odds        | 
| be ever       | in              |
| your          | favor           | 
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